Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good News, Bad News at Thistle Manor

Applejack and I often have good news, bad news conversations, they go something like this:

  1.  Good news:  it's a three day weekend.  Bad news:  I have a 30 day to do list.
  2.  Good news:  Fall officially starts in 21 days.  No bad news on this one, because we love fall at Thistle Manor
  3. Good news:  we have a new vacuum cleaner.  Bad news:  the dust bunnies are holding it hostage.
  4. Good news:  I carried three quilt tops to the long arm quilter today.  Bad news:  I have half a dozen (or more) waiting to be quilted.
  5. Good news:  While at the long arm quilters, I found Civil War Reproduction on sale for half price.  Bad news:  I'm suppose to be reducing my stash.
  6. Good news:  I finished another row of the alphabet on the Birds of a Feather sampler.  Bad news:  I have two more rows to stitch.
  7. Good news:  We took a loooong walk at Radnor Lake this morning.  It was peaceful and beautiful.  Bad news:  I wore the wrong walking shoes and got a blister on my heel.
  8. Good news:  I discovered a new bakery in our neighborhood, they have red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Bad news:  I'm suppose to be on a diet.
  9. Good news:  There is rain in the forecast.  Bad news:  The rain does not discriminate and nourishes the weeds as well as the flowers.
  10. Good news:  Callie Mae got a new scratching post and she loves it.  Again, no bad news, if Callie Mae is happy we are happy.

What's your good news, bad news?


  1. Good news out weights the bad and I really think the 50% off fabric has no bad associated with it. Sale on repro fabric is good any way you look at it. Thanks for the post the other day!

  2. I like this! I think we should start making a list. I tried to cross out #2 but I couldn't. A new bakery and new scratching post - what more could you want?