Monday, September 3, 2012

Super Saturday and Sweet Memories

Does everyone remember the first Saturday of the month is one half price day at Goodwill?  The first Saturday sale days are becoming quiet popular and the stores resemble the shopping malls and retail stores at Christmas time.  Yikes! 

Grandmother Bessie did not enjoy shopping, neither do I.  (Disclaimer:  except for fabric and needlework stitching supplies).  When shopping at Goodwill on first Saturday's, I have to locate my intestinal fortitude.  I have learned not to go with a shopping list of expectations, I go with an open mind.

This platter was my Saturday find.  The back of the platter is marked Mayer China est 1881.  I was very excited to find this platter, because it matches Grandmother Bessie's cup and saucer.

While it is not a perfect match and made by two different manufacturers, I am calling it a "close enough."  I shared many breakfast meals with Grandmother Bessie and she always drank her coffee from this cup and saucer.  While I am not a coffee drinker, I will drink my juice or hot tea from the cup and allow my mind to roam back in time with sweet memories of meals shared with Grandmother Bessie. 

(I bought the platter for a dollar!)


  1. Beautiful!! It looks like the restaurant ware that I recently found..I bought my daughter a particular cup and saucer that was made for the Coronado Hotel ages ago! Meyer China sounds so familiar..hers might be the same.

  2. How sweet. Maybe you need to just "try" a little coffee in Grandma Bessies' cup.