Friday, July 13, 2012

A Sailing We Will Go

Barrick Samplers (Carriage House)
1797 Ship Sampler

There are many lakes and rivers in Tennessee.  The Tennessee River in Memphis may see big ships, but there are no big ships in Music City.  One of the most fun trips I ever made was to Boston, when I took a boat tour around the city.  The tour included a stop at the U. S. S. Constitution.

                                                     Boston Harbor


Carriage House
The Shores of Hawk Run 

The bad photo kinda looks a reflection of the sun or moon, but its just a poor photo.  Yes, I am one of those stitchers who chooses a favorite design from the Hawk Run series and just stitches the one which most appeals to me.

It has been a rainy day and week in Music City (and I am very thankful, we needed the rain).  So while the weeds grow in Next Year, I will stay inside and work on my Jo Morton homework and think about sailing on the ocean blue.


  1. Great pieces. I love anything to do with the ocean, so they're winners in my eyes for sure. Never been to the USS Constitution. Maybe we will go someday.

  2. Of course I love your samplers! We have had a couple of days rain. Wonderful! We surely needed it.