Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pruning the Hydrangeas

I have been reading and reading, studying, and asking the experts about the correct time and way to prune hydrangeas!  There is so much to know, I think I should have gotten a degree in ornamental horticulture.  So many things to consider.  One of the big considerations is the variety of hydrangea.

Today I am biting the bullet, taking pruning shears in hand and deadheading the mop head hydrangea.  If I have done my homework correctly, mop heads should be pruned (deadheaded) before new buds form.  Most experts say "August."  This is nail biting--the hydrangeas were beautiful this year and I want them to be ever better Next Year.

Miss Oak Leaf is a different variety of hydrangea.  I do not deadhead Miss Oak Leaf.  The blooms and leaves turn a beautiful crimson and cinnamon color and the birds feed off the blooms.  Oh, Miss Oak Leaf, don't disappoint me.


  1. My deer take care of all my pruning. Before, during, and after blooming!