Monday, July 2, 2012

Personal Assistant????

Music City has had five days of triple digit temperatures!  It is HOT!  I'm hoping this Mermaid is looking for a personal assistant because I am ready to apply!


  1. Well, she's pretty enough to want an assistant. lol! I love that piece! The temps are just awful, aren't they? I'm hoping we don't get as hot as you all are. It's hot enough as it is!

  2. We are starting to feel a bit of a cool down. Had a delicious breeze last night, had all the windows open. Here's hoping you don't need to turn into a mermaid to keep cool. Great piece, who is the designer on this one, I've not seen this one befoe.

  3. What a beautiful piece!

    I love your Miss Callie Mae Calico too... such a gorgeous kitty!

    Hope it cools down for you soon.