Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jo Morton and the Flying Geese

Have you ever had an experience when you just didn't think it could get any better and it did?  This is how I would describe the Jo Morton classes.  To make the quilts is challenging, the finished quilts are beautiful, and the classmates are a wonderful group of sharing women.  There is laughter, stories, tips, successes and failures.  Sit back and enjoy the ride--here come the quilts!  The quilt pictured above is the teachers quilt.

This is Carmen's quilt--her color choices are always awesome.

Isn't this an awesome Flying Geese?  This quilter always has the best tips to share and is always willing to help others learn.  She had just returned from a "fishing trip" with her husband, she had stories to tell!

Teri's quilt, aren't the colors yummy?  Teri was giving this quilt to her daughter to use to play with her dolls.  Pretty nice baby doll quilt, makes me wish I still played with dolls.

The lady who made this quilt is very quiet and makes the most beautiful quilts.  She had used Christmas fabrics.

Marilyn is the Applique Queen!  She uses a combination of fabrics--wools, cottons and brushed flannels.  Those brushed flannels are to die for!

Carmen's daughter is a dancer and her dance group is having a silent auction fund raiser.  Carmen has made items for the auction.

If you are interested in purchasing these items visit Carmen's blog.

This piece is still in the works.  I think she said this was going to be a bag--you don't want to miss the quilted back side of this piece.

My creative juices are in overload and I have a ton of things which are calling for my attention.  The next quilt is a 9 patch with a Jo Morton twist.


  1. They're all wonderful! It's amazing what a different color palette or different size motifs in fabrics will do to change a design. I just love how different they all are! So fun! Love seeing the xs too!

  2. Thanks for sharing photos of all the lovely quilts. I really enjoy seeing the same design made up in different fabrics.

  3. What great fabric choices and terrific quilts. Great job!

  4. These Flying Geese quilts are just terrific. It's always amazing to see how the colour choices change the overall impression of a quilt completely.

  5. I love to see how everyone makes the pattern into their own unique quilt! They are all lovely! Looking forward to the next quilt.