Sunday, December 14, 2014

Remember Hannah

Of course, you remember Hannah.  She is one of the lovely Liberty Hill painted boxes. 

It was a difficult choice on stitching Hannah's sampler in black or red.  I finally decided on the black--it's Glorianna Indigo.

I wanted to keep Hannah's sampler with her sewing box and decided to do a hem stitch.  The finished sampler is 5 x 5.5   Hannah looks like she is being tortured--she's not.  The clips are holding the linen in place while I complete the hemstitch.  


  1. Hannah looks great.

    What a good idea to use those snap-clips. I'll be using that the next time I need to keep a hem straight. :-)

  2. Hannah is so pretty! The clips are a great idea.

  3. Hannah and her sampler are perfect together. Beautiful work!

  4. Hannah is very pretty. Love the hair clips!!!