Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's Time for the Year in Review

It's that time of the year again--the year in review.  This is intimidating for me because it forces me to do a reality check:  what I actually accomplished and critique my work.  Seeing others accomplishments and beautiful finishes inspires me, keeps my creative juices flowing and makes me want to stitch, quilt or hook everything I see!

Hooked Rugs:
Whale of a Tale and Hit or Miss
Thank you Jan for coming to my rescue on these projects.  (Jan finished the whale rug shortly after my eye surgery.  Wool and detached retinas do not play nice with each other).

 French Braid, Red, white, blue HST and Tumbler Flag

Whew!  All those HST, there were times it felt like I would never finish this quilt.  It started as a small quilt and grew and grew and grew because I seem to have a bottomless pit of a stash of red and blue fabric.  Will be so fun to decorate with this quilt during patriotic holidays--Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.  The flag quilt was made using the tumbler--a quick fun project and so enjoyable I am tempted to make another.  I'm not sure why I do not have a photo of the French Braid quilt.  It was made from my stash of French General fabrics and the binding tool.  Thank you Missouri Star for the YouTube Tutorial on making this quilt.  Susan, the long armed quilter did a fabulous job quilting each of these quilts--Susan says we make a great team.

Colonial Gatherings Club 2014
Colonial Bird, Strawberry House, Cotton Bird, Coverlet

My first Club--am so glad I joined, every kit was a delight.  I made a commitment to keep current with the kits and I did!  I am one of those people who need disciple and accountability or else nothing ever gets finished.  2014 got off to a rough start with a detached retina and two eye surgeries--I am very blessed and my eye doc says:  after every thing you have been through, you see surprisingly well.

Ornaments from Colonial Gathering Club--first stitch for 2015?  The white bird stitched with Oatmeal on R & R's Creek Bed Brown linen is going to pop when stitched. 

In between projects:
Coverlet Birds, Harry Tyler's Lion, Birdy Stitching Roll, Whaling Ship  In keeping with the Colonial theme, I dug into my stash and found designs which I though complimented the Colonial Gatherings kits and stitched them--more disciple.

Turkey Trot by Notforgotten Farm, Hannah Birdwell by Liberty House and The Sampler House

Each year I have these grandiose plans of accomplishing more--they rarely materialize.  AppleJack took one look at my list for 2015 and wanted to know when the Army or Band of Merry Men would be arriving because he said it might take both of these groups to accomplish everything on my 2015 list!


  1. I like your taste in projects. Beautiful work! Happy New Year!

  2. I've really enjoyed this year end review--so many beautiful pieces you've created :) Hope 2015 brings you much good health and happiness!

  3. Gorgeous finishes! Turkey Trot and Sampler House have been on my to-do list for a long time... The Colonial Gatherings Club pieces are so pretty! Sure wish I had joined that one along with the Ladies Prim Society...

  4. I would say you have had a great and very productive year of stitching!

  5. What a wonderful crafting year you had with so many beautifully finished projects. And no matter how many projects you will be finishing from your 2015 list - just enjoy doing your crafts. Happy New Year!

  6. Such beautiful stitching! I love the way you display everything. Great job and here's to a wonderful year of stitching 2015! x

  7. Thank you for stopping by today, it is so nice to meet you and see all of your lovely finishes. I think you did amazing for 2014 and two eye surgeries! I had two eye surgeries as well and I didn't get as much accomplished as you did. Your work is just beautiful.
    Kim My Field of Dreams :)

  8. Wow! 2014 was a really BEAUTIFUL year for you!