Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Decking the Halls

The blog has been quiet for a few days but life at Thistle Manor has been a bee hive of activity.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I purposely wait until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating for Christmas.  This is one tradition I hope I never change.  One of the things I love about this Christmas tree--the decorations are either gifts from friends or ornaments collected through the years.

Ahh two of my favorite ornaments--a stripped kitty like Miss Callie Mae and a rocking chair similar to one at Grandmother Bessie's.

Each year the mantel is decorated with the nutcrackers and bottle brushes.  The nutcracker story and ballet and music is another one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

I love Christmas smells!  Each year I try to dry fruit and the house smells wonderful.  I have had the dried pomegranates for years.

Being a prim lover--the Charlie Brown feather tree is waiting for more baskets.  The small baskets are challenging to find and pricey.

A dough bowl of smalls.

Miss Christmas angel keeping watch.

My non-blooming Christmas cactus.  Yes, I did all the wrong things which is why it isn't blooming.  Grrrr

This idea came from interest--it is candles set in coffee beans, the warmth of the candles heats up the coffee beans and it smells like fresh roasted coffee.  

(More photos to come, no need to overdo everyone with one post).


  1. Your decorations are very inviting!

    Sad about the Christmas cactus ---- maybe you could convince it to be an EASTER cactus. LOL

  2. With boughs of holly..... Fa la la la-la la - la- la

  3. It's fun to see how everyone decorates for the holidays. So many lovely ideas.

  4. Lovely decorating! I enjoyed the tour!

  5. A wonderful tree and lovely decorating. What a nice collection of Nutcrackers!

  6. Love seeing your decorations. I'm sitting here on the computer while 2 bare trees are yelling at me to get up and make them pretty!