Sunday, December 21, 2014

Joining the Hexies

One of the items on my sewing bucket list is hexies.  For years, I have admired others making hexie quilts and marveled at their beautiful quilts.

I have watched UTube, tutorials, read how-to's and even set up my own hexie board on Pinterest.

With the encouragement of my partner in crime aka Carmen, I have begun my first hexie quilt.  One of my favorite quilting magazines is Primitive Quilts and Projects.  In the Spring 2013 issue there is a hexie quilt named Stars in the Garden.  Vicki Olsen the designer and maker of this quilt made her hexes quiet small 3/8."  Yikes!  Since this is my first hexie quilt I am making mine 1."  

Yesterday was my first day working on the quilt, the first of the five large stars is started and I have begun basting the hexagons to the papers.  So far so good, no meltdowns. 

Hexies make an excellent traveling project, waiting room project, stitch a few during lunch project.  With the long winter months ahead, am hoping to stitch these as I watch evening television and before bedtime.  

For accountability purposes, my partner in crime and I have scheduled hexie work days to keep us motivated.  There will be super fun stuff in conjunction with the project:  trips to the quilt store, stopping at some antique shops, exchanging baked goods, and sharing other projects.  Hexie life is good.

Since this is my first hexie, please share tips and advice.  This novice is willing to listen.


  1. I have made this same hexie quilt in the small size and I loved every minute of it. Hope you enjoy the journey too - you've got a great start!

  2. Fantastic! Good luck with the project -- I hope you enjoy EPP. I love doing it!

  3. Oh my, this is looking so great. Fantastic fabrics for the hexies. I'm still far from making such a quilt, but one day I will, too.

  4. Beautiful hexies!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  5. well I am an inspiring hexite too ! However I bought the hexie Stamp from Cindy Blackberg - just across the mountain in the Townsend TN area. I haven't tried it yet but you don't use the paper piecing which was to me cutting out a step. maybe in the new year when I go to a 3 day retreat which is mostly quilters - I will take the plunge and try some stamping and sewing hexies. I will look up the quilt you mentioned from Prim Quilts - love that mag. To me - winter is all about the "wool" ie: rug hooking and knitting. hope you are having a lovely Christmas eve eve - Mel

  6. I keep thinking that I am going to make a hexie quilt...hasn't happened but I can dream.

  7. What a great looking quilt this will be, one hexie at a time!