Monday, December 8, 2014

Motifs and Borders

While enroute to a new to me shop on Saturday, I made a visit to one of Franklin's older cemeteries.  This fence caught my eye--I thought it had some wonderful elements for a border or motifs in a sampler.

Maybe a tombstone angel sampler someday?

Interesting Ionic column

Old cemeteries, kinda sad, sometimes neglected but full of artistic elements.


  1. Yes, there are lots of interesting things in Franklin! It's one of my favorite places to check out when we are visiting in Nashville. Great pieces from the old cemetery.

  2. I totally agree. Old cemeteries can be so very interesting. I am always saddened by all the graves of the young children. It must have been so difficult to loose so many young ones.

  3. inspiration all around .. we just need to be able to "see" it x

  4. I love that fence. I love to stroll through old cementeries.

  5. The older cemeteries have much more ornate carvings and designs on the headstones...that one is beautiful as is the fence.