Saturday, December 6, 2014

882 Curtiswood Lane

Today we went to Bill and Crissy's house to look at their decorations.  Who are Bill and Crissy you ask, they are the governor and first lady of Tennessee.  They have no idea who we are.

The theme for this year was Tennessee landscapes  show casting  Tennessee's fifty-six (56) State Parks.  Some stats on the parks:  200,000 acres, 2,100 campsites, 1,000 miles of hiking trails and host to more than 35 million visitors each year.  In Tennessee there is a state park within an hour's drive of just about anywhere in the state.

This tree (which I thought was a little weird) represents the water basins in Middle Tennessee.  Middle Tennessee is one of the most cave rich areas in America.  National Geographic hailed the Duck River, one of the many rivers in Tennessee as one of four most biologically diverse rivers in the world.  

These acorns were made from yard and pine cones--very cool.

The skirt of this dress was made from willow branches.  

The parks are full of wild life and the Haslam's home was also full of wild life.


Wild turkeys

Davy Crockett left his coon skin hat behind.

I was all into nature and appreciating the natural beauty of the state until I came across the tree using shed snake skin as garland.  Yikes!  Needless to say, being super afraid of snakes, I was out of there.

My favorite tree was the one decorated with corn shuck angels made by area school children.

This year, three of the four Haslam grandchildren were born.  Mrs Haslam asked for four small trees to be decorated and placed under the grand stairwell.  The taller tree is for their oldest grandson, the pink tree is for their grand daughter and the two smaller blue and green trees are for the two grandsons born this year.  The sentimental part of me thought this was a very special touch by a Grandmother for her grandchildren.

Thanks for the tour!  


  1. Very fun! So was this a tour that was open to the public? It was fun to see the various trees. Definitely a lot of nature represented.

  2. What a very interesting post! I'm with you-no snake skin will ever be on my tree! I have been to your beautiful smoky Mountains National Park.

  3. I cannot imagine living in a house that would be toured by the public! Yikes! Of course, our tax money makes us part owners, doesn't it? I'd not have snake skin on my tree, either!