Sunday, August 3, 2014

Colonial America meet the 21st Century

Colonial Gathering Club Kit #3
Plum Street Samplers
Cotton Bird
35 count Old Mill Java by R & R 
Fibers by Classic Colorworks

I finally put the final stitches into Cotton Bird in the wee hours of the morning--it's the time of day Miss Callie Mae and I enjoy the most.  One of my goals for 2014 is to stay current with the club projects--this one required much discipline and iron will determination to finish.  

As I was stitching Cotton Bird, I kept thinking about how I wanted to finish this project--my cupboard is running over with pillows and I wanted something different than a pillow.

I have decided to finish Cotton Bird as a purse.
Cotton Bird, the design will be featured on one side of the purse.

 Colonial America meet the 21st Century.  The purse is for my Kindle--the finished size of the design is a perfect fit!

The fabric was inspired by a quilt from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln designed by Kathy Hall with Jo Morton for Andover Fabric.  Since Paulette, the designer lives in Nebraska seems only right to choose some coordinating fabric from Nebraska.  The cording which goes around the purse is DMC 3768--it's the same color as the small blue flowers in the fabric.  

I'm glad I didn't wimp out and finished the kit.  I'm also pretty pleased with myself for finally finding the perfect purse for my kindle.  Two of my favorite things joined together:  reading and stitching.  Life is Good!

Of course, I have my next project selected.  I'm hoping with the St. Charles Needlework Market coming up August 15-16 the girls at R & R and the fourth kit from the Colonial Gathering Club will be shipping later in August or maybe even September.  

I had hoped to stitch a small project in between kits.  This design is by La D Da and is called Birdy Stitching Roll.  Lori Markovic released this design at the 2014 Nashville Needlework Market.  Am planning to stitch Grandmother Bessie's name inside this stitching roll.  There is another stitching roll by La D Da called Stitcher's Roll--thought it might be fun to stitch and include the name of Bessie's sister Maggie.  Oh the plans of mice and men.

Lori stitched Birdy Stitching Roll with 30 count "Straw" linen by Weeks.  I didn't have any of this linen in my stash so I am using 30 count Cocoa and NPI silks instead of the overdyes.  

It's hot, there is a Tom Hanks movie marathon on the tube and I have my tumbler of Diet Pepsi poured, the makings of a great Sunday afternoon stitch-a-thon.


  1. Cotton Bird is a lovely stitch and I love the plans you have for finishing it. I hope you have had that great afternoon of stitching.

  2. Love your finish, and love your idea of the finish for the Kindle! Love that other project too. Hope it keeps you busy till market purchases can be made.