Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hit or Miss

It's hot!  This week Music City has had some of the highest, hottest temps for the summer.  Today it is 93 degrees, tomorrow's forecast is a high of 97 degrees and Saturday and Sunday the temps are forecast to be 99 degrees!  That's hot!  With these high temps Grandmother Bessie might ask if I had lost my good sense, working with wools during the hottest week of the summer.  I think her question would be appropriate. 

When I attended the Beat the Heat rug hooking event in Clarksville in July, I purchased a pattern called Hit or Miss.  It was designed to use up left over worms/noodles.  Waste Not, Want Not and use it up, wear it out, make do or do without are two familiar sayings in my family.  The Hit or Miss design was a great way to use up the left overs and not be wasteful!   

The rug measures 12" x 12" and will make a fun table topper for the cold winter months. Looking at my worm stash, I might have enough left overs for another Hit or Miss.


  1. Very nice! Such a fun little piece.

  2. You are SO right! Yes! It is hot! We are currently having some severe thunderstorms through our area!

    Working with wool doesn't seem like a good option in this weather, but you've done a great job!

  3. Those little designs are fun to do. But the stash never seems to get smaller ;)

  4. That little rug turned out so pretty! I spent lots of time this summer wishing the nasty heat away!!

  5. What a cute rug..waste not is a good idea! Janice