Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Life is a bowl full of strawberries

Just the mention of the word strawberry and my mouth begins to water thinking about that juicy sweet seasonal fruit.  Strawberries can be eaten and enjoyed in so many ways:  cakes, cupcakes, salads, and plain.  I saw a new way to enjoy strawberries on Pinterest:  strawberries with yogurt served in a waffle cone.  Yum Yum, all of the goodness none of the guilt!
strawberry yogurt cones...
Before I go too far down the bunny trail, this post is about another kind of strawberry--emery strawberry's.  We stitchers do love strawberry's, both the edible kind and the emery variety.  The strawberry's range from very plain and utilitarian to the very fancy made with beads and lace or hardanger.  The Shakers are given much of the credit for the tomato pincushion with a strawberry emery.  The purpose of the strawberry was to "polish and sharpen the needles."

Since finishing the second kit in the Colonial Gathering Club called Strawberry House, I have been considering making a strawberry and adding it to the inside of my box.

Blackberry Primitives has some lovely hand dyed velvet on their web site and one of the vendors at the Beat the Heat event had some of their velvet for sale.  When it comes to fabrics: cotton, wool, linen, flannel or velvet I have no resistance.  Of course, some of those lovely hand dyed velvets came home with me.

Buttonwood Farm - Maggie Bonanomi

Maggie Bonanomi is one of my favorite authors and designers.  I love Maggie's style!  Do you see what I see on the front of the cover?  Yes, a strawberry.  Recipe for a strawberry emery:  cut some overdyed velvet for the body and wool for the berry cap.  Stitch some seeds using DMC 733, stuff with fiber, add a twisted cord or ribbon. 

More goodness to add to my year of Colonial Gatherings


  1. Oh what fun! I love strawberry emeries! Nice collection you have! Looking forward to seeing your finished strawberry.

  2. You are such a busy person with all these stitching projects! The strawberries I concentrate on are the ones from the produce section of the super market.:-)

  3. Oh wonderful, your bowl of strawberries. Seeing them all makes me wantr to start my own bowl. I have to go and look for some patterns ...

  4. I absolutely love that bowl of strawberries! Is it hard to find directions?

  5. A bowl full of strawberries, whether real or fabric, is just perfect. I love the one with the red/white/blue pattern. VERY CUTE.

  6. I made strawberries from quilt scraps one day. It was so addicting to see how cute each fabric made up. I laugh now, but I remember someone came into my sewing room to talk to me. I couldn't barely lift my head to respond because I was more interested in sewing and stuffing berries. Yours are adorable!

  7. Your strawberries are so sweet--each and every one!