Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Susie Baby and her quilt

Susie Baby and I have a long history together.  She came to live with me one Christmas many, many, many years ago.  Santa delivered her to me in his sleigh.  Susie was happy to move south as she said the winters at the North Pole were long, cold and packed with snow.  If you notice one of her shoulders is drooping--she is scheduled for some long overdue surgery.

After many years, Susie Baby has her very own quilt.  It is a simple nine patch using blues/beiges.  The quilt measures 14 1/2" x 17 1/2."

A fun little quilt for Susie Baby--I think she has earned it after all her years of service!

The bindings have been sewn on the table runners!

The long arm quilter (Cathy) did a super job with the quilting.

And who says watching Duck Dynasty is wasted time?  Maybe I can get more HST sewn during tonights episode.


  1. Love all the quilts! Glad little Susie is getting some work done. :D

  2. After all these years, it is time Susie Baby has her own quilt.:-) I must say - it is certainly a very lovely one, as are all the other quilting projects you feature!

  3. Susie Baby does deserve her own quilt. What a pretty table runner.

  4. Susie is so beautiful ~ love her quilt! Lol ~ love Duck Dynasty!

  5. Hello Susie! What a lovely quilt. I love the other projects too.