Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Books for the Library

Look what the postman delivered!  It's Maggie B's latest book, Another Place and Time.
WOW!  Applique, hooked rugs, Radishes and Turnips, quilts, bedcovers and wonky pillows, all done in Maggie style.

This is one of my favorite pieces.  Maggie says:  "I have always loved old samplers and have tried counted cross stitch several times, but it was too tedious for me.  So, I decided to create a sampler with wool."  The best of both worlds--a sampler and a wool applique.

The postman's delivery also included Autumn at Notforgotten Farm.  Turkey Trot will be the perfect addition to my dough bowl of fall smalls.

AppleJack was running errands and picked up the 2013 Christmas Ornament issue for me at the LNS.  

Maggie says it best:  "I can sit anywhere with them--even in bed--and look to my heart's content."  


  1. Ooooh, nice! I'd like to get all of those!

  2. Isn't that funny when crafters/artisans of such beautiful work, but not cross stitch, says that it is too tedious for them? I always find that amazing. Because I think that wool applique can be tedious, but I love it too! LOL!
    You have some fabulous stash. I just ordered last evening Notforgotten Farms book...can't wait to get mine!

  3. It looks like you have some excellent books to give you ideas for your own endeavors! Enjoy!

  4. You've had some great blog posts while I have been away from blogland. The quilts were wonderful and what a great stash of new books you have.
    Can't wait till we get to Tenn in a few weeks - hope Fall has come to God's country. Enjoy your new market goodies. Melody

  5. Oh how fantastic! I LOVE the Maggie Bonanomi wool sampler!
    Enjoy them all! They are sure to inspire!