Saturday, September 21, 2013

25th Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival

This weekend is the 25th Anniversary of the Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival.  Boy, oh boy were there quilts!

Crazy quilts

Drunkard's Path


Dear Jane's (this was the quilt makers fourth Dear Jane)

Christmas (I would be having visions of sugar plum sleeping under this quilt)

Trip Around the World  (Each piece of this quilt was one inch!  The quilt was king size.  I think I would have lost my mind piecing this quilt)

Thirties print fabric--the colors are beautiful.  Perfect for spring or a nursery.

Baltimore Album

Princess Feather  (This was the oldest and my most favorite quilt)  

My favorite quilt venue

The doors outside the church

Inside the historic church

The stained glass windows inside the church

(Stay tuned for part II)


  1. What a beautiful venue for a quilt show! Her 4th Dear Jane?! Whoa!!!! Gorgeous quilts, all of them!

  2. Glorious pieces of handwork!! I have to agree with you; I really like Princess Feathers.

  3. What amazing quilts! The church is the perfect venue for such a show.

  4. What stunning quilts and what a perfect place to showcase the work!