Sunday, September 22, 2013

Princess Feather--Every quilt has a story

  Made just north of Algood in the Jeremiah Community, the Princess Feather quilt is likely the oldest documented and best preserved quilt in the area.

Mrs. John Terry along with her quilting bee made this quilt.  Princess Feather was given to Mrs. John Terry's daughter, Panizetta Frances Terry, upon her marriage to Mr Jeremiah Whitson on March 19, 1872.  Mr Whitson was a well-to-do entrepreneur and donated land to the county to build Dixie College , now Tennessee Tech University.

The hand quilting on this quilt was beautiful!  Yes, she has a few "age spots" and they look lovely on her!

Another version of a very lovely Princess Feather.

Did I mention the ladies at the Algood church served lunch yesterday?  Not pictured but delicious was homemade, church lady red velvet cake!  Yumo!

In keeping with the spirit of the quilt show, the church ladies had decorated each table with a quilt and fresh flowers--sure a nice touch.  (The quilts had been covered with a thin plastic film to protect them)

The viewing gallery was filled with antique quilts.

Fun funky quilts

Feed sack print quilts

And kitty cat quilts just for Callie Mae

Thank you Algood and Upper Cumberland for another beautiful quilt show!


  1. Oh my heart skipped a beat when I saw a gorgeous quilt with food on it! lol! Thank goodness they were covered with plastic!! What gorgeous quilts! I've always loved the Princess Feather design.

  2. Great quilt show with an assortment of new & old quilts! And the food looks delicious!

  3. That is one good-looking lunch! I love the story behind the quilt, and am in awe of those who do this beautiful quilting.

  4. What lovely quilts, I bet you loved the show.

  5. Such eye candy!! Love that first quilt and the history!