Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Comes to Thistle Manor

Wool Applique 
(Made by Anne at Homespun Corner)

In spite of the freezing temps, in spite of the snow, in spite of my wearing my heaviest winter coat on my morning walk, spring has come to Thistle Manor.

Eggs from Hobby Lobby

Mr Sunshine did not make an appearance today, these bright sunny, lemon Gerber daisy's added cheer to an otherwise gray, overcast day.

There are blue birds.  This one is from the Sweet Summer book by Blackbird.  A golden oldie and sweet.

More bluebirds, this one from Stacy Nash called Early style Bluebird Cupboard Sampler.  (I took some liberties with Stacy's design and stitched Tenn and the year of Tennessee statehood)

Mr McGregor is busy in the garden.  (He better stop chewing on the dogwood tree!)

Spring pastel colors in this Grandmother's Fan quilt

Lambing season (Thistle Manor style)

So in spite of the low temps, snow and wearing my winter coat, it is spring at Thistle Manor.  Ask the young man at the garden center who helped me load 300 pounds of mulch!

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