Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's my Birthday

  I'm six!

Thanks to AppleJack, I scored big time on my birthday gift!  My very own, I don't have to share with anyone condo.  Upon its arrival I gave the scratching post its first test.

Yep, it passed the test--it's a keeper.  My Cat Mother says I am persnickety.  Not so, I am just a girl who knows what she wants.

The tube as my Mother calls it, is the perfect place to hide out, catch a few rays and catch up on my zzzzzzzz's.

Mom says I have two speeds:  asleep or 110 mph

I seldom get into mischief and rarely get scolded.  

I wake up happy every day and bring joy to my parents lives.

I am Mother's best and cheapest consultant.

No birthday cake for me--tuna all the way!  All in all a good birthday.  


  1. Happy Birthday Callie!!! What an awesome gift. Enjoy young lady.

  2. Awww, Happy birthday to Callie Mae! She is so pretty! Love her new present -- Mia is jealous!