Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Misrepresentation of Spring or Phil's Legal Problems

Punxscutawney Phil is a groundhog, not a weatherman.  Clearly no one should be taking advice from a groundhog, but a prosecutor in Ohio is so fed up with the snowy winter (and Puxotony Phil's lies) that he is filling a lawsuit against the rodent.

Mike Gmoser, Butler County Prosecutor brought charges against the fury (alleged) criminal for lying to America.  "Punxscutawney Phil did purposely, and with prior calculation and design, cause the people to believe spring would come early." 

Phil has been charged with "misrepresentation of spring" thus committing a felony.  Phil does have a lawyer and plans on fighting the litigation.  Being that he is not a human being, there is a good chance that he could care less about the indictment--or how long winter lasts.

(Story from the Associated Press)

It snowed last night.  Snow being a relative term in Music City.  I have found a new way to control the weeds in Next Year (the garden)--a late spring with snow.


  1. I saw this story too! lolol! Very appropriate!

  2. Our government officials have misrepresented themselves and situations for years and years. Phil is just another appointed politician, and in being that, can get away with any lies and failings as the rest of the bunch does. How dare they single out poor Phil!!!

  3. I feel like I should stand up in Phil's defense - it's been spring here in No. CA for weeks!!! ;-)