Saturday, March 9, 2013


Last weekend it snowed, this weekend the temps are the seventies.  Gardening at Thistle Manor is a challenge.  While at the garden center this morning purchasing more mulch, I found these pansies.  They are the same bright sunny color as the daffodils and seemed to be a perfect companion.


Throughout our married life AppleJack has spent countless hours in needlework shops, quilt shops, and quilt and needlework museums and show.  Today was my day to compromise--we went to a car show.  My knowledge of cars is limited, very limited.  Let's just say I know how to turn the key to start the engine and how to read the gasoline gauge.  Anything past this is pushing my limits.  Here are some of the sites from the car show.

This was one of my favorite cars, it is a 1955 Chevrolet.  My Aunt Molly had one of these cars.  This was the first and only car she ever owned.  She bought and learned to drive on a car like this when she was 55 years old!  She mainly drove the car to church and to the grocery store.  I think she was the envy of most of the men who ever saw her driving this car.

I think this is a 1957 Chevrolet.  Aunt Molly's car was this color


Aren't the tail lights on this car interesting?  It reminded me of the Batmobile.  (I think AppleJack told me this was a Cadillac)

A Woody, yes the door panels are wood.  

Don't have a clue what kind of car this is, Applejack reminded me it is a Ford.

This is the front of the car, very interesting paint job.  

An early American race car, a Willy's (per AppleJack this is pronounced Willis not Willy)

This car was offered to dealerships to boost sales.

Another one of my favorites, don't they have an interesting specialty?  

Turn the key to start the engine and purchase gas before the gauge reads empty, that's my knowledge of cars.  AppleJack enjoyed the car show and is very knowledgeable, he had a good time at the car show and that was enough for me.  


  1. I don't know much about cars either. lol! But it's fun to see the old ones. I used to know every car on the road cause we spent every summer driving back and forth half way across the country at one point in my childhood. No more. But I still enjoy seeing cars, even if I don't know about them. :D

  2. What an enjoyable post. Amercian cars are soooo cool. I would want the woody perfect for Blue and Poppy to travel with me.

  3. I don't have much knowledge of cars either, but it is fun to look at them ~ the old cars have much more personality!