Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feast or Famine

Yesterday was the day--the arrival of my Nashville stash!   Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy was it worth the wait.  An abundance of stitching goodness.

What's inside that bag?

Four pincushions by Nikyscreations.  Being a primitive girl, the simplicity of these designs call to me.  (And when I am needing a quick stitch and feeling the need for a sense of accomplishment, these designs meet the requirement)

Country Stitches (Brenda Gervais) very cleverly appliqued this basket onto a piece of fabric and created   a pillow. 

The minute I saw Paulette's Viktor & Irina I knew this was going in my shopping bag.  "Peace I leave with you."  Hearing those words always makes me feel more peaceful.

And since Peace seems to be something I am seeking, how could I resist Peace House by La D Da.  The giant rabbit weather vain leaping over the house--too much goodness.

Praise Ye the Lord by Carriage House.  "My sister Kathy designed this in 2002 and set it aside.  Somehow, it didn't turn up until a decade later!  This chart reminds me of the song Praise Ye The Lord, Hallelujah!"  I think Praise Ye the Lord and Peace I leave with you are destined to become companions.

Rachel Howells!  The giant birds, Adam and Eve, the man who looks like Santa Claus--a feast of goodness.

Spring at Hollyberry Farm!  

With all these new wonderful designs, of course, I needed some linen.  35 ct Weeks Dye Works cappuccino and 36 ct Edinburg raw--sampler linen.  (AppleJack calls all linen sampler linen).

Now to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of stitching.  I have a good case of gardener's legs with some blisters thrown in for good measure and needle and thread is an excellent remedy.



  1. Loving Peace House by La-D-Da! I will need to put that on my list for my next shopping trip. All your sash is very nice, enjoy!