Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unfinished Business

While I was searching through my stash for fabric for the HST quilt I found two unfinished projects.  This is one of the Jo Morton LWC 2012 Raspberry Swirl.  (I called the quilt Goose Tracks or Bear Claw).  While I was fabric shopping I found this Jo Morton fabric, I think it is called Jo's Favorites.

I also found these bow ties.  There are more bow ties waiting to be sewn.  So. . . the HST goes on hold while I work on these unfinished projects.  It is very satisfying to complete projects which have been in the works for awhile.

The day light hours are growing longer, spring is just around the corner and I will soon be working outdoors in Next Year, the garden.  While the temps are still cool, time to get the sewing machine humming.


  1. Beautiful projects!!! Love them! I can't wait for spring. I hope the groundhog is right and it comes early. :D

  2. It is getting lighter here too Betty we were only commenting on it this evening.