Friday, February 1, 2013

It Snowed!

They have redeemed themselves!  Music City received a dusting of snow last night, that means there is snow on the roof and the grass is almost covered.  Snow in the south is a relative term.  (Anything more than 2" of accumulation is considered a blizzard).

Of course, the grocery stores have had a run on milk and bread, schools have been closed for a 100 mile radius, and traffic is more insane than normal.  Ahh, gotta love snow.

(For weather watchers, Tennessee has had some bizarre weather this week, tornadoes, temps ranging from single digits to high sixties and now snow).

The weatherman snowmen have forecast more snow for the weekend!  An accumulation measured in inches rather than a dusting.  Perfect weather for hot cocoa and stitching.  Keep thinking snow!


  1. Glad you're enjoying it. I hope you keep the snow down there. lol!

  2. Crazy weather indeed! Enjoy your snow!

  3. Oh, lucky you! Enjoy your blizzard! ;)

  4. HURRAY !!!!

    Coming from Wales we are used to snow and we always chuckle when there is snow in Cornwall as everyone reacts the same way as Nashville.