Saturday, February 2, 2013

In the Meadow, we can build a snowman

Notforgotten Farm
Parson Brown

The snowmen have regained favored status at Thistle Manor!  This morning there was more snow!  

The dusting of snow was so pretty on the Holly--the red berries, the green leaves sprinkled with the snow.  I had to move quickly to capture this photo, there was one half inch of snow and when Mr. Sunshine made his appearance, the snow melted fast.

Snow on the roof of an empty bird feeder.  The squirrels move as quickly as the snow.

Remember these guys?  They were the ones thinking spring a couple of weeks ago.  Are they still thinking spring or has the dusting of snow made them think there might be a few more weeks of winter?

With the cold temps, I have been working on the Jo Morton Broken Dishes quilt and enjoying calorie laden hot cocoa.  This summer while I am weeding in the heat, I shall think about this wonderful winter day and the beauty of the snow.


  1. Prison Brown is cute!! Great snow pics too!

  2. Your finish is wonderful! The snow looks very picturesque.

  3. What does Miss Callie think of the snow?

  4. Love Parson Brown and I love the snow! Lucky you.