Thursday, February 21, 2013

Countdown 10. . 9. . 8. .

Countdown : Grunge film countdown

The count down for the Nashville Needle Work Market has begun--fourteen days!  Of course, I have been surfing the web for sneak peaks and oh boy, oh boy is there some good stuff out there.

Here is one of the designs on my shopping list.  It is called Cat and Mouse by Kathy Barrick.  Being a cat lover this design is singing to my heart. 

New charts, linens, fibers, gadgets, accessories--be still my beating heart!


  1. Isn't that the cat's meow???? I like her bird too.

  2. Me too! I really like that one as well. :D Too many good ones coming out!

  3. Oh I love that one, there are so many gorgeous charts coming out.

  4. Love this one too! The look on the day's face is priceless!

  5. My wish list has grown quite a bit the last few weeks. Kathy's cat and bird were both added as soon as I saw them.