Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life at Thistle Manor

First things first:  to my stitchy friends in the north east, AppleJack, Callie Mae and me send our best and warmest thoughts.  Yes, I still long for snow in Music City and the snowmen are still on the job.  (They will return to the North Pole on the first day of spring).

In spite of my absence, Thistle Manor has been a beehive of activity.  Chloe and Pearce are getting married!  Aren't they are a seriously cute couple?  Betsy, Mother of the Groom has been in town making wedding plans.  AppleJack has offered his services and decided taste testing is his favorite wedding task.  He discovered a new restaurant, Mack and Kate's--yum, yum.  I highly recommend everything on the menu the mac and cheese.  Happy times!

The Jo Morton HST for the broken dishes quilt are completed.  I used triangle paper for the first time and the completed HST were very accurate.  Will definitely be using this paper for other quilt projects.  Had to make a trip to the quilt store to find border and backing fabric for the broken dishes and Valentine quilt.  Has anyone seen the new Indigo Crossing fabric by Minnick and Simpson? 

After consulting with my gardening guys, I have taken their advice and have removed the rose which fell victim to the rose rosette disease.  The rose rosette disease is carried by a microscopic mite and once the rose gets the disease it is a goner.  I have dug up the rose and will give the soil time to rest and recover from the mite and diseased rose.  Will be starting this gardening season with a challenge:  has the mite spread the rose rosette disease to the other roses?  Time will tell. 

Stitching on the Stacy Nash Hollyberry Farm sampler has begun.  Am so very determined to have a Christmas sampler for Thistle Manor 2013.  On a very sad note, I learned today the owner of one of the LNS died from lung cancer this week.  When I moved to Music City twenty-six years ago, she was one of the first people I met. 

AppleJack has requested Morning Glory muffins.  Sis shared the recipe with me many years ago and is one of our favorite treats.  If you like carrott cake this is the muffin for you.  In addition to making muffins, our Miss Callie Mae will soon be celebrating her birthday.  She does have a birthday wish list.    So, time to stitch, quilt, garden, bake and . . .


  1. Sounds like a lot going on in your world!! Those muffins sounds good ~ you gotta love muffins!
    Wondering which LNS owner you are talking about, as during my years in Nashville I worked at one of the shops for a time and shopped them all!

  2. Your Broken Dishes looks great! I like the idea of the HST paper. Congrats to the happy couple! You really are busy there, aren't you. Hope the rose disease hasn't spread -- good luck.

  3. You have been missed Betty. How lovely to have a wedding to look forward to. May one ask Miss Callie May's age.