Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jo Morton's Broken Dishes

Jo Morton's Broken Dishes
Finished size 23 x 28

Here are some of the things which I learned while making this quilt:
  1. Using printed quilting paper is a seriously accurate quilting method.  This was my first time using   printed paper, it will not be the last.  It is fast and there is little fabric wasted.
  2. Sew with the bulkiest part of the quilt on top (you are not fighting with the sewing machine feet dogs.)
  3. Take your colorist expert with you to the quilt shop when choosing fabric.  Who is my color expert?  AppleJack of course,  he wrinkles his nose when he does not like a fabric choice and smiles when he likes one.   
  4. Using a simple kitchen tool like a bamboo skewer helps guide the fabric while sewing making for more accuracy.

5.  Check your work before you sew!  See that broken dish on the far right going in the incorrect direction.  

Please share your quilting tips.


  1. Beautiful! Good tips too! I have to brush up on my machine sewing skills -- I'm so rusty!

  2. Applejack is so good helping you to select fabric. Ray would run a mile from a fabric shop.