Thursday, January 17, 2013


Valentine (Freebie)
30 ct Primitive Hare hand dyed linen
Stitched with Lancaster Red

Look what I picked up this afternoon at my LNS.  Yes, Betty the finisher has once again worked her magic.  I think Great-Great-Great-Great-Great- Grandfather Johan Velten "Valentine" Shultz would be pleased his grandchildren remember him.  (His other Granddaughter Lydia, also thinks he's pretty swell, she's been waiting for him).

Valentine has arrived in time to join the beginning of red decorations for Valentine's Day.


It's hard to live in Music City (Nashville) and not watch the television show Nashville.  Fess up: whose watching?  Deacon is one of my favorites--he's easy on the eyes.  I will admit it is not as good as Downton Abbey, but some interesting characters and plot twists and the music isn't bad either.

House of Blues’ Nashville plans could be just the ticket for live music scene

Just down the street from the LNS is the House of Blues.  You guessed it, an upcoming scene for Nashville was being filmed.  A trip to the LNS is always exciting, sometimes more exciting than others.
Now, time to plant myself in the stitching chair, pick up Hannah Breed and catch up on Nashville. 



  1. Your reds are so beautifully finished!

  2. Lovely finishes!! What a bonus on the way to you LNS. Very cool!

  3. I love all your red pieces. Beautiful!!

  4. The red pieces are all so great! Love 'em!

  5. What fantastic finished finishes! Your finisher did a great job. We don't get Nashville here yet, but are hoping that we will soon. Besides being country music lovers, we're big fans of Connie Britten.

  6. Love your reds!! I haven't watched Nashville yet, mostly because with four members of the opposite sex in my house, the tv is hard to get control of!