Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Day

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a newspaper column called My Day.  She wrote issues about women and key events like Pearl Harbor.  Daily life and my days at Thistle Manor are not as worldly as Mrs. Roosevelt.  Days at Thistle Manor go like this.


Am so thankful for cuddleduds, thermals and layers of clothing.  Temps have dipped into the teens and freezing rain is forecast for Friday.  This means Music City traffic will be more insane than usual.

New Cookie Recipe

AppleJack has been requesting home made cookies.  Sis has once again come to my rescue and shared a molasses cookie recipe with me.  Ahh, the thoughts of cookies baking makes the house feel warmer.

Rose Rosette Disease

While raking leaves on Saturday and cleaning out the Lenten Rose bed, I discovered my New Dawn rose has fallen victim to Rose Rosette disease.  After talking to my gardening mentor, I have been directed to dig up the infected rose and dispose of it and wait several months before replanting any other plant.  Will be meeting with my gardening center guy to talk about a replacement and direction on preventing the disease from spreading to the other roses. 

Half Square Triangle Paper

My HST paper arrived and work on the Jo Morton broken dish quilt will begin.  I also have plans to make a HST quilt and maybe a pinwheel, endless possibilities

Hooked Flag Quilt

Jan, my rug hooking friend, has once again come to my rescue and is helping me complete my flag quilt.  With her help, the rug might be ready for President's Day.  No pressure Jan.

Scarlet Letter Hannah Breed

Two of the five alphabets are complete.  Am going to work on the over one alphabet and eyelet alphabet at the same time.  We'll see how this works.

Adele 21

Download onto iPhone

Not as worldly as Mrs. Roosevelt's day, but a typical day at Thistle Manor with AppleJack and Miss Callie Mae.


  1. Pretty decent to me. Sorry to hear about your rose. That makes me sad. Look forward to see what you choose for a replacement.

  2. What a shame about your Lenten Rose. What sort of cookies does Applejack like?

  3. Sorry to hear about your rose! The rest of the day sounds pretty good to me. :)

  4. Sounds like a nice day! Except for the rose, of course. What a bummer.