Thursday, January 3, 2013

Life is Good

How many of you have seen the Life is Good tee shirts?  AppleJack and I have a few and we both believe Life is Good.  Take today for instance, I received a telephone call from the LNS.

Pineberry Lane
Lydia Emaline Shults Tudor

And the frame, nice and primitive just the way I like.

Waiting at the post office was a package from Country Sampler, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Inside the package--Broken Dishes by Jo Morton

and if that was enough goodness, the LNS had Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.

Life is Good!  Congratulations to Nicola and grandson, Archie William--Life is Good, really good!


  1. I just love that Hollyberry Farm. After seeing Lydia framed, I'm thinking I should do the same and put her in a permanent home.

  2. I love the frame for Lydia! So beautiful! Nice packages in the mail too! I'm looking forward to seeing your Broken Dishes progress. Hollyberry Farm is irresistible. I had to order it as well.

  3. I am smitten with Lydia and the frame that you chose! Might just have to add her to the ever growing wish list! Hollyberry Farm is stunning ~ the fabric is amazing in the photo.

  4. The frame you chose for Lydia is perfect! Wonderful things from the Country Sampler! I couldn't resist Hollyberry Farm. :)

  5. I have fallen in love with your frame. My framers are quick and good but frame choice is so limited.

    I adore Hollyberry Farm, I have never seen it before. Definitely one to add to my must stitch list.

    Life is surely good and how blessed we are to be here.