Saturday, January 19, 2013

Full Circle

I have come full circle.  Earlier in the week I was reminding the snowmen to think snow and today I was gardening in Next Year (the garden).  Am still hoping for snow at Thistle Manor before winter yields to spring and am still encouraging the snowmen to think snow.

Winter in Tennessee is a mixed bag.  One day it is in the seventies and I'm searching for tank tops.  During the night the temps will drop to the low thirties and I'm searching for my thermals.  As Grandmother Bessie taught me "take one day at a time and enjoy it for what it is."

Since today is a sunny, beautiful winter day, I decided to locate the gardening rake and clean the leaves out of the Lenten Rose bed.  This gardening job should have been done late last fall but the neglectful gardener never completed this chore.

The Lenten Rose bed full of leaves.

Minus a few leaves

The leaf pile!  Whew!  Brown material off to the compost pile.

Lenten Rose, one of my favorites, bringing color to the garden in the dead of winter.

Next Year is not thinking snow, Next Year is thinking spring!

Our neighbors lawn.  

The weatherman is saying the temps will drop during the night and we will have an Arctic blast! An excellent reason to stay inside and stitch on Hannah Breed.


  1. It is certainly hot water bottle time in the UK Betty, the cold is a great reason for settling down inside and stitching.

  2. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow--up to 3 inches!--that's a blizzard, Irish style. I hope!

  3. No snow here at the moment! I do remember those TN winters ~ such a mixed bag!