Monday, January 14, 2013

Think Snow

Remember these guys?  They are suppose to be thinking snow!

Snow is rare in Music City.  For those of you who don't live in the south here are some facts about snow:

  1. The mere mention of snow in the forecast is enough for school to be closed.  
  2. With the fall of the first snow flake, there is a run on the grocery stores for milk and bread.
  3. Double your driving time if snow has been sighted within a fifty mile radius.

Don't disappoint me Snowmen, Thistle Manor is beautiful with a blanket of snow and I have my long johns ready and waiting!


  1. lol! Yes, snow can be a challenge where it's a rarity. Hope you get some and we don't get anymore. lol!

  2. Oh, how I miss snow!! We rarely get snow here, too, so it's a major freak out when there is a dusting on the roads. One year we flew in on December 26 & they'd had 2 inches on the ground, and the car rental people wouldn't give us the car until noon that day (we arrived at 6 am). LOL

  3. With the exception of number one, the rest are so true here. :) Your snowmen are cute!

  4. I remember one of our years in TN, there was about a foot of snow on a Thursday/Friday and the entire town was shut down for almost 6 days!

  5. No snow for us in Cornwall just rain, rain and more rain.