Sunday, January 6, 2013

Charm Packs

Is everyone enjoying a good belly laugh?  Everyone who knows me knows my least favorite color is pink!  I was one of those children who did not have hair until I was about four so I was dressed in pink.    Mother thought if people saw me wearing pink they would think I was a girl instead of a boy.

Knowing my aversion to pink why the pink quilt?  I am blaming it on my addiction to charm packs.  My love for charm packs far out weighs the dislike for pink.  One of the many reasons I love charm packs is because of the great variety of fabric, design and colors.  However, there is usually one color in the charm pack which does not sing to me.  You guessed it, it is usually the pink one.

Being a creature of habit, I bring the charm packs home, allow my eyes and fingers to enjoy and start thinking of projects and choosing my favorite ones.  Almost immediately, if there are any pink ones in the pack, they get discarded to the pink pile.  Over the years as my collection of charm packs has grown so grew the pink pile.  In my goal to reduce my fabric stash, I came across the pinks and the growing number!  Sewing the 5" charm squares together and setting them on point seemed like a simple and quick way to eliminate to reduce the pink stash.

While purchasing fabric for the sashings/borders, the kind ladies at the quilt shop told me the quilt was not pink.  They said:  it is the pink family of red.  They were as convincing as Mother dressing me in pink so people would think I was a girl.


  1. No matter what color it is Betty, it sure looks wonderful! Maybe it can be your token Valentine's Day quilt.

  2. Too funny! Well, being the mother of three boys, I like pink....too many boy colors around here! So, if you find you just can't live with it....just send it my way! Hehehe....

  3. I think it looks stunning and I agree it is more pink reds that girly pink.

    The colour pink always reminds me of my MIL when I put her pink pjs on her she would say that when she wore pink the boys would wink.

  4. I think they are right -- it's the lovely pinky reds that I actually like a whole lot! Very nice way to use up those pinks! They are pretty pinks!

  5. I think it's very pretty and not too pink at all.

  6. Very pretty - I love it! I find those charm packs very addicting. :)