Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring!

  • First day of spring is also called the vernal equinox.  Vernal and equinox are Latin terms meaning spring and equal night respectively:  twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness (or there about).
  • Spring is a season for ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth.

  • Plants begin to grow in Spring because of ample availability of water, light, warmth and soil (compost).
  • Flooding is common in and near mountainous area because of melting of snow.
  • Hurricane season begins in late spring and Tornado Alley is most active this time of the year
  • Spring marks the transition from Winter to Summer
  • The sun rises in the earlier hours of the morning and sets later on in the afternoon, the days get slightly warmer

  • Spring flowers start to appear, birds start building their nest and the farmers deliver new born lambs


  1. Love this post! I love the bunny pillow at the top! xo

  2. Wonderful spring time photos and the bunny pillow is way cute. I'm coming to Nashville the end of April. No bad weather, please!

  3. Happy spring to you! I can't wait....

  4. Love your spring photos and that sweet little Spring pillow!!

  5. I love spring, your spring rabbit is adorable.