Saturday, March 7, 2015

Garden of Eden

The annual lawn and garden show was this weekend.

After weeks of freezing temps, three ice storms and freezing rain and snow, the show was a feast for sore eyes.

The colors were glorious.  Don't these primroses just make you want to smile?

Pink and purple Hyacinth's--they smelled heavenly.  I planted some of these in the fall, I hope I am rewarded with colors as vibrant as these.

A very unusual water feature--two crackling crows.

An earthy garden sculpture

Ahh a sweet garden kitty.  

Maidenhair fern--the perfect green

And while tiptoeing through the daffodils, I had a chat with one of my favorite gardeners--David Bates.  We talked about pruning spirea and spreading a pre emergent weed killer.

Come on spring, this gardener is ready to dig in the dirt and smell the roses!


  1. I love garden shows in the middle of bad weather!! Beautiful flowers!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful colors! So appreciated after the weather we've had for the past three weeks! I hope you are not experiencing any flooding where you are.

  3. Positively beautiful florals, love the colors of the primrose plants.


  4. We're a good 6-8 weeks away from colorful flowers, so thank you for the sneak peek of spring.

  5. Beautiful! They are saying we are in for a warm up! Let's hope they are right. We are all sorely in need of spring.

  6. Flowers in bloom...make any day brighter.