Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day Sew Day

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter joined forces yesterday and gave us another dose.

It began as rain, turned to freezing rain, sleet and then snow.

My poor daffodils, they keep reminding me Spring is in fifteen days!

I turned the snow day into a sew day.

Sewing more blue stars for the cheddar quilt.

I started another sampler for the Grandmother Shultz/Shults wall.  This is Margaret Cottam by La D Da. This sampler will be for Great Great Grandmother Margaret Ferguson, Great Aunt Margaret Shultz/Shults and cousin Margaret.  The linen is a coveted piece of 32 count 18 Century Brown by R & R.  

Snow Day---Sew Day
The snow is beautiful and good for the earth, I will remind myself of this day in August when I am pulling weeds and everything has begun to turn brown.


  1. It looks like you put your snow day to good work.

  2. You are making the most of a snow day! Good for you. I love the quilt stars!

  3. It doesn't look like a little snow kept you down.

  4. A sew day is a great choice for a snow day! Your projects are really impressive! We had sleet here this morning, followed by snow showers this afternoon.

  5. A good day not gone to waste. That snow looks lovely and cold. Wouldn't mind cooler temperatures here.

  6. Ugh - freezing rain and sleet topped off with snow definitely means a day spent at home ... and it looks like you certainly took advantage and made it a productive day! Hopefully it'll be winter's last hurrah for you all. Love that cheddar quilt with the blue stars - yum! I wish I could see well enough to work on linen.

  7. OMG, 15 days? Now 14 days. The first day of spring is my DS's birthday. :D Love that cheddar! Beautiful!! Hooray for Margarets! :D

  8. the snow is beautiful but I know my blog friends in the southern states are tired of the inconvenience of it. Your snow is here now but in the form of liquid rain. 40 degree drop from the record high of 85 degrees yesterday, crazy dang weather ! Your cheddar quilt is beautiful, also loved the bunnies, chickies and birdies in your last post. Hope you enjoy the weekend - Mel