Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thanksving Planning

Sad to say, Thanksgiving is sometimes referred to as the over looked holiday or the holiday between Halloween and Christmas.  At our house, Thanksgiving is an important holiday because we have many things which we are thankful for. 

Thanksgiving Menu
Spiral cut ham
Mother's cornbread dressing
Anne's Sweet Potatoes
Farmer's Market Green Beans
Pineapple-Carrot-Cheese Salad
Farm fresh deviled eggs
Pumpkin Roll
Red Zinger Tea

AppleJack, grocery shopper extraordinaire, is making his shopping list.

Grandmother Bessie's Autumn Leaf Jewel Tea dishes are coming out of the cupboard and being prepped for the table setting.

For some fresh air and exercise and in anticipation of spring, bulbs will be planted.  Leaves to rake.

There is fabric to be cut and sewn for quilts:  fall colors for a tumbler quilt and blues and browns for a Lady of the Lake. 
No Black Friday shopping for us (we avoid the malls like the plague) and walk in the woods is always peaceful.
Time permitting the beginning of Christmas decorations. 


  1. Sounds like a great plan for Thanksgiving to me. We never do the Black Friday thing either. Ugh. I hate crowds. Love your tumbler fabrics!

  2. My DH and I just started talking about doing ham this Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey. I love the special dishes. They are so pretty. Your menu is giving me inspiration!! Great fabric!