Monday, November 24, 2014

Signature Quilt

Quilt history reports that signature or memory quilts were very popular with Victorian quilters in the mid 1800's.  In the USA, since the days of families moving west as pioneers, signature quilts have been given as gifts by families and groups of friends for special occasions:  a leave taking, a birthday, an anniversary, a new baby, a retirement, or other special occasion.

There are blocks that are especially useful for signing with blank areas in the block.  Permanent pens are used or sometimes embroidery for the signature.  Ironing freezer paper on the back of the fabric makes it easier to sign the fabric and keep it from shifting.

I made this signature quilt a few years ago.  Since I have been learning about Grandmother Bessie's family I thought I would incorporate the women in Grandmother Bessie's life.

Potential Names:

Maria Eva Stocker
Juliana Stentz
Barbara Ann Emert
Hannah Lindsey
Sarah D Evans
Laura Jane Noland
Kittie D Shults, sister
Maggie E Shults
Bessie Ann Shults
Bonnie Shults
Allie Belle Shults
Juanita McFall
Helen McFall
Jackie Ruth McFall
Ersabelle Price
Clara Ann Price
Loris Jane Price
Shirley Price
Margaret Messamore
Patricia Jane Price
Betty Price
Linda Gail Price
Sarah Miranda Plemons
Mattie Atchley
Maggie Rector
Birdie Noland
Isabell Cardwell
Lillie Rayfield
Sallie Branam
Nora Roberts
Alice Shields
Sarah Kerley
Angie Ensor
Rebeccca Scandlyn
Sarah Price
Ellen Price
Carrington Amos
Margaret Ferguson
Anna Dee Noland
Fannie Noland
Belle Noland
Sophie Margaretta

Mrs Tilley
Mrs Brock
Mrs Jefferson
Mrs Kyle
Mrs Stamper

Mildred Denton
Dorothy Lowe
Billie Ann Gage

There are Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Sister-in-laws, Grandchildren, neighbors and cherished friends.  Women who were all a part of Grandmothers life.


  1. You have many women to include on the signature quilt. I love signature quilts. Always have. The chimney sweep block has always been my favorite.

  2. It is gorgeous!!! You did a great job. I hope you'll post again when all the signatures are there. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Lovely idea! My sister is having her first child in April, this could be a nice gift for her. I could have everyone sign a block at her baby shower. Thanks for the if I can only find the time. LOL!

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  4. If you do it, the quilt will be even more special!! It is already a lovely quilt!

  5. You may need a bigger quilt... Hehehe. What a neat idea.

  6. What a special quilt and a lovely idea. I've never seen anything like that! I'm sure all of your relatives and friends will be honored to sign that beauty :)

  7. What a treasure this will be!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    :) Carolyn