Sunday, November 16, 2014

Homespun Gathering Reunion

When my favorite needlework store and my favorite shop in the whole wide world closed in 2005, the girls could just not accept not gathering with each other as they had done for years. 

 So. . . they put their heads together and came up with the idea of having a reunion.  Several times a year (between four and five) the girls gather together and do all the fun things they did at Homespun. 

The public library has a large meeting room with a kitchen and space can be reserved. 

                       There is always an air of excitement.

 The room is often filled with ooohhh's and aahh's and squeals as a beautifully finished piece of needlework, or a quilt, a hooked rug or a needle punch is shared.

 Ideas abound with talk of designs and linen choices and fiber colors are discussed.  I am always amazed at the creativity and skill in the finished projects.

For me, the Gathering is so much more.  This group of women has known each other for years and have shared the good and not so good of their lives:  marriages/divorces, births/deaths, loss of a job and new jobs, travels, antics of their four legged fur children and embarrassing moments.

 Delicious food and recipe sharing abounds.   The room is filled with laughter sometimes tears, hugs and words of encouragement.  AppleJack says it's the best therapy.  The group is well traveled and knowledgeable of current and world events but find discussing retreats, and upcoming markets and designs much more productive.

               Gathering Reunions--let the good times roll! 


  1. So many beautiful projects! I love the to-do list! :0)

  2. How special; what a blessing to have such a group of ladies to share the adventures of life and needle. Beautiful handwork.

  3. Awesome work, but better yet, awesome friends.

  4. That's wonderful! It's great to get together with good friends. I love seeing all the beautiful projects too!

  5. How wonderful to be able to get together with such good friends. Thanks for sharing all that beautiful stitching.

  6. That is so true of TN, for one - Sisterhood circles that support and sustain you through, life while graciously sharing skills, recipes, laughter and tears.
    What a blessing.....

  7. so glad to hear your special group still meets for good times and to solve the problems of the world as we like to say about our EGA stitching group. Looks like some wonderful projects. Hope you have a great week ! Mel

  8. I agree with Applejack, Betty. It IS the BEST therapy!

  9. That's the best kind of gathering! I'm glad y'all didn't give into a closing and have maintained those wonderful get-togethers!!! :)

  10. That's amazing ---- you made the best of a sad situation. All of the projects are beautiful, but I particularly love the one with the girl and the sheep. Too cute.

    Stitching with friends IS great therapy!