Monday, November 10, 2014

Alphabetically, numerically, color family

The last couple of times I have been together with the stitching girls there has been discussion about fiber organization.  From the looks of this photo, my fibers are looking for some organization.

How do you sort/file your fibers:   alphabetically, numerically or by color family?  Just like filing my charts and stash, I file using all three methods.

For my Needlepoint Silks and Au ver a soie, I file numerically using Floss Away bags, grouping or dividing them together by number in hopes they will be easier to locate.  (I have wasted an inordinate amount of time searching for fibers)

The Gentle Arts, Weeks, and Cresent Colors are filed alphabetically.  One of the stitch girls (who happens to be a designer) organizes hers by color families.  WOW!  The fibers look beautiful organized this way, but for a stitcher (me) this system did not work because it took me forever to locate the called for color in a design.

When I am choosing/pulling fibers for a design, I often select either lighter or darker values of a color--sometimes because I like the lighter/darker color better and sometimes because I do not have the specific color but a lighter or darker version and sometimes the color gets lost on the linen.  Confused?

The Old Mercantile's photo.

My last visit to The Old Mercantile, I ordered a cabinet which will house my fibers.  Shh don't tell AppleJack but this is his Christmas present to me, I took the liberty of helping him with his shopping. 

One of my goals for 2015 is fiber maintenance.  ALL my fibers are going to be stored in the cabinet--no more kitting, no more sitting aside fibers for projects.  Am hoping this organization will result in more stitch time and  much less frantically searching swearing I have that fiber time.


  1. Ha ha, I can honestly say I kept saying "just like me" "just like me"!!

    DMC - numerical,
    NPI Silks - numerical,
    GAST, WDW, CC - alphabetical.

    Love your Christmas pressie too.

  2. Ha!! What is this floss organization you speak of?? :P

    Mine look just like that of the first photo you posted. Though I do have my DMCs organized. I hope to one day have everything organized it would save me many hours of searching for what I need.

    thanks for your post!!

  3. I use DMC almost exclusively so it's a lot easier for me and my FlossAway bags. Even with the large floss box though, I still don't put them where they belong. I love that mustard cabinet on the bench. And the big one.

  4. Fantastic cabinet and so very thoughtful of you to help with shopping. My fiber stash is a mess, if it isn't in a project. Looks like you have a good plan and I could use it :-)

  5. I organize my floss numerically, which is probably good because I haven't touched it for a long time. I've wound the floss on bobbins and have them in boxes, but a cabinet like yours would be ideal.,

  6. Great cabinet! Hope the organization works for you! Me? I'm not organized. lol!

  7. My DMC is by color number. The Weeks, Sampler Threads and other specialty fibers are alphabetical by name. Beads are in Floss Away bags by color family if they are open or in their cases (by color #) if they are new.

    Your cabinet is going to be a beautiful place to stash your fibers. :-)

  8. Sounds like a great plan, the cabinet is also very pretty. I just have them in baggies depending on the kind of floss. That does make for lots of hunting!!