Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coverlet Birds (Remembrance Piece)

The Scarlet House
Coverlet Birds
Mystery stash linen--I think Birds of a Feather
NPI silks

As I put the finishing stitches into this piece, AppleJack looks over and says "I bet you will always remember this piece."  He is correct, I will always remember stitching this piece.  I began stitching this piece, the weekend my vision problems started, I completed the piece nineteen days post surgery.  In my warped sense of humor way, I am naming it the one eyed bird piece.  

While talking with my Mother yesterday, I asked her what had happened to Grandmother Bessie's hankies.  Grandmother Bessie had an eye problem with one of her tear ducts and her eye was constantly weeping.  She carried a hankie in her apron pocket or purse to catch the tears.  Grandmother had everyday hankies and special hankies for church and visits with friends.  No matter if she was pulling weeds, making beds, visiting with friends or cooking, Grandmother always had a hankie at her disposal.  Since my surgery, my eye like Grandmother's is in a constant state of weepiness.  I'm not sure if anyone still sells hankies, but I can certainly see the valve of having one in my pocket.  Am hopeful Mother will be able to locate some of Grandmother's hankies--a nice reminder of a shared struggle.

As I was ironing the Coverlet Birds I asked AppleJack "what's next?"  We're off to the finisher or the framer or the long arm quilter.  Nope:  finish one piece, time to select another.  Grandmother found a way to knit and quilt with her eye challenge and I will find a way with mine.  


  1. Congratulations on your one eyed finish and for sharing your wonderful memories of Bessie.

  2. Great job on your one eye bird piece. My dad use to keep a hankie in his pocket too..plain white though. The vintage and antique ones were so very pretty. Janice

  3. I love your finish and they way you named it!! I hope you find the hankies. I have seen lots of wonderful projects using old hankies plus that would be like having a sweet remembrance of Bessie.

  4. It's a beautiful finish. And yes, this is one you will always remember. Lots of good thoughts for your healing. You have a wonderful attitude. Hope you find the hankies.

  5. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  6. Congratulations on your finish, it's lovely

  7. Congrats on your finish ~ what a remembrance piece. I hope your mother finds the hankies!