Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thinking Spring

AppleJack came home from grocery shopping and under his arm he had white tulips.  He said he thought it was time to start thinking spring.  This Sunday the clocks will spring forward one hour which means there will be more daylight hours in the evenings.  I will gladly give up one hour of sleep to have more daylight hours in the evenings. 

The temps are still quiet cool and I am not convinced winter is ready to retreat and allow spring to make her entrance, AppleJack is right--it is time to start thinking spring.

Time to start thinking about spring flowers and trips to the gardening centers.

Spring--time to let the barn yard animals out to green pastures, blue skies and warm sunshine.

Just in case the Easter bunny does not like jellybeans or robin eggs, I left him a carrot.

The Lenten Rose started blooming just prior to the Ash Wednesday service--they know spring is coming.

Deep down inside Mother Nature knows it is time for Spring to make her glorious entrance.


  1. I can't wait for spring! It's sunny and 50 today here, but not for long. More snow on the way and the ground is still covered in snow. Sigh.

  2. This is such a cheerful hopeful post! How nice to bring you tulips!

  3. How sweet to get flowers. I've made the wool appliqué with the pussy willows too. It's one of my faves.

  4. Applejack is soooo sweet! I'm for more daylight just wish they would leave the time alone. Now I have to get up earlier for work. Janice

  5. I'm ice and snow this morning! Again. But better news is forecast for week's end.

  6. Thank you Betty for visiting and your lovely comment on my blog.
    The clocks wont spring forward here in the Uk till the end of the month, but it's certainly nice to be waking up brighter mornings here at the moment and having breakfast without the light on. We've had lovely spring sunshine here this past weekend and very welcome it was too.
    Your spring collection of goodies looks wonderful.

  7. Love spring!! Getting a taste this weekend and hoping the snow misses us Tuesday!