Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hannah Birdwell

AppleJack, Callie Mae and I have been on postman watch.

We have been keeping a watchful eye for the arrival of Hannah Birdwell.

Today was the day, Hannah's stitch box arrived.

This slide top stitch box is dedicated to Hannah Birdwell, a little nine year old Quaker girl who lived with her family in the year 1800 in south eastern Pennsylvania.  If you look hard, you will find Hannah's name written on her heart, hidden under the lid of the box.

  A perfect fit for Grandmother Bessie's room and her other Pennsylvania roots.

The box is very detailed with motifs.

Wool from the stash to line the bottom, a needle minder, a special pair of scissors--Hannah has found her happy place.


  1. She's beautiful! I've resisted her temptations but it's hard. Sigh.

  2. How lovely! Love all the motifs.

  3. oh oh I can't believe you have your box already !!!!! I have not heard that mine has arrived at my chosen shop yet. Hopefully soon. I know you will enjoy it - thanks for the preview - Melody