Saturday, March 29, 2014

More about Hannah

Since Hannah's arrival this week, I have been thinking about ways to make her feel more welcome and a part of Thistle manor.

I found some wool in my stash box to line the bottom of the box, a Kelmscott ruler and thread winder and a pair of scissors with two birds.  With a name like Birdwell, a pair of scissors with two birds on the handle seemed appropriate for our Hannah.

"and write thy name upon the heart"
Isn't this a beautiful quote?  I may alter it just a bit for an AppleJack Valentine "and write thy name upon my heart."  

Hannah's Quaker sampler--more stash digging and I found a scrap piece of leftover vintage Maritime linen from Lakeside and some Gloriana silks.  Which should I use the black or the red?

Hannah Birdwell


  1. So pretty! I love what it says on the bottom. I don't know why but I like the black!

  2. don't know what you have on hand but I love Gloriana's antique black. Enjoyed seeing how you dressed up your lovely PA box. Mel

  3. I'm leaning towards the black ~ but love reds too!