Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coverlet Birds and Finishes

The Scarlet House
Coverlet Birds

The words of Grandmother Bessie ring in my ears, "well child, are you going to let this get the best of you or are you going to find a way to make it work?"  According to the surgeon, he is pleased with the surgical results and the way my eye is healing, he even smiled during my last exam.  The swelling has subsided considerably and my eye remains closed.  A kindred spirit told me "your eye is the constant wink position."  A kind and gentle way of acknowledging things are not back to normal.  AppleJack continues to be the best nurse ever.  I am making progress, like most things in life, healing will require time.  

In the meantime, work continues on the Coverlet Birds.  For someone who is stitching with a one eye handicap, I am pleased with my progress.  Rain is in the forecast for the weekend which will make for good stitching time.  I was reading on Dying to Stitch blog, the second installment of Colonial Gatherings is due to ship the end of March.  My goal is to complete the Coverlet Birds and have her to the finisher prior to receiving the second shipment.  (My local quilt shop had some Farmers Fancy fabric which will work nicely with the Coverlet Birds.  The fabric has the same blue, red and green colors as the design).

Colonial Gatherings
Kit 1
Plum Street Samplers
Colonial Candle Pocket

Turkey Trot
NotForgotten Farm
From Autumn at Notforgotten Farm

I had wide rick rack in my stash and wool the same color as the big  yellow house--this will be such a fun piece for fall and Thanksgiving.

Pineberry Lane
Mehitable Wright aka Miranda Price
(1885 the year Great Grandmother moved from NC to TN)

Hard to beat Civil War reproduction fabric for backing Great Grandmother projects.  Thank you Betty the finisher, you are awesome!


  1. So glad to hear that the surgery went well and you're healing well too! Love all your finishes.

  2. So glad to hear your eye is getting better. I give you lots of credit for stitching with one eye. I do love all the designs. I have a special love for the coverlet birds. I have 2 antique coverlets that I treasure!

  3. you are inspiring to all of us who have minor eye problems and want to keep stitching

  4. Send you wishes for speedy and full recovery. Your coverlet stitching is lovely and the finishing wow!! Gorgeous and inspiring.

  5. Lots of good healing thoughts coming your way. You are doing great with the stitching despite only having one eye to stitch with. Beautiful stitching.

  6. Such beautiful stitching and pleased to read your eye is calming down after your op.
    Take care and Blessings

  7. Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery. Lovely stitching.