Thursday, February 20, 2014

Filing System

There are so many things which I enjoy about needlework.  I especially enjoy those who have shared their stitching places.  Seeing the creative spaces gave me courage to get out the pick and shovel and share my stitching space.  I also  enjoy reading about filing systems.  For those of you who need a good belly laugh, now would be the time to grab your tummy and belt out a good laugh.  By the time you finish reading about my filing system you will be scratching your head and saying to yourself:  a).  what filing system?  b).  no wonder this woman is never able to find anything

Designer Name
   Most of my charts are filed  alphabetically by the designer name.  For example:  Blackbird Designs, Carriage House, Chessie and Me.  

Adam and Eve
   I have not given up on my quest for an Adam and Eve wall.  Adam and Eve designed samplers which have appealed to me, I have grouped together.  When I am needing an Adam and Eve fix, I pull this file and study them:  the colors, the linens, the overall design.

Seasonal Charts
   Since Grandmother Bessie taught me to appreciate each of the seasons, I love stitching seasonal pieces:  spring/Easter, fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving, winter/ornaments, patriotic pieces of Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Labor Day.

PhD's or UFO's
   I keep my projects half done together.  Sometimes when I am feeling the need for a completed  project, I look through this file.

Grandmother Bessie Themed Pieces
   As the Grandmother Bessie sampler wall is more of a reality than the Adam and Eve wall, when I find pieces which will fit into the Grandmother Bessie theme wall, I group them together.  For example:  La D Da's Margaret Cottam is part of this grouping and Mecklenburg by Little by Little.  

The Traveling Basket File
   I am a terrible passenger, just ask AppleJack.  I am easily bored, and yes I am one of those children who keeps asking "are we there yet?"  When we take road trips, I bring along my traveling file so I can read charts.  This file usually consists of unfiled charts which I have recently acquired and have not taken the time to file.

Completed Projects
   I am one of those hoarders stitchers who keeps completed charts.  No judgement please.

There's my system and I'm sticking to it.  Yes, there are times when I waste spend time looking for something I know I have (usually its fibers).  I am always open for suggestions and a better way.  One of the most helpful things for me is having all "my stuff" in one room:  charts, fibers, linen, embellishments, backing fabrics and wools.  While we were working on the all-purpose room, my needlework was stored in a couple of different places.  This was a terrible system for me, having everything in one space is much more workable.  In addition to having everything in one space, when things get messy, I can close the door.  

Enjoy your belly laugh and then share your filing system.


  1. Oh please. My filing system is chaotic. Yours sounds not that bad. lol! Right now I can't find the fibers and chart for something I have started. Sigh. So yeah, I'm badly off filing wise.

  2. LOL..but my filing system is throwing my patterns in a 30 gallon crock. Janice

  3. My brain must be a bit like yours as your system made good sense to me!

  4. Your system sounds great to me. I have a 1 drawer file end table that is full. I have 2 big file folders full and 1 basket of new full and that is just charts.. lol I love to keep my new in the basket like your travel one.. I pull them and look and read them. I still have some that I need to file away.. if I can get another file folder. My fabric is all stored in a china cabinet. I think I need to downsize some.. Nope.. I will keep it all. lol

  5. It sounds like you have a great system that works for you!! I need to be more organized :)

  6. mine is very close- I have a kitted file for ones that must be stitched yesterday too:)

  7. I am jealous of your organization!

  8. Sounds so familiar ~ oh my gosh your just like me!
    I think I just laughed at myself!
    Prim Blessings