Saturday, February 22, 2014

Red Velvet Cake at The Picnic Cafe

AppleJack and I always look for the silver lining.  In the midst of my vision challenges we re-discovered one of our favorite eateries--The Picnic Cafe.   (The Picnic is located in the same block as the doc's office).

Located in the Hill Center at Belle Meade, the twenty six year old Picnic Cafe is decorated in blue, white and yellow with flowery blue tablecloths, yellow walls hung with blue and white dishes and a white picket fence which wraps all the way around the restaurant.

The menu consists of Southern luncheon favorites:  pimento cheese sandwiches, potato salad, cheese wafers, chess pie and the Picnic's signature punch.  While our tummies and taste buds love eating at the Picnic, our waist lines do not.  The food is delicious and loaded.

As our Valentine's Day this year was spent with me recovering from eye surgery, we treated ourselves to a late Valentine's Day lunch at The Picnic.  One of my favorite desserts from The Picnic is the red velvet cake.  Yum, yum.  Here is the recipe for Red Velvet Cake from The Picnic Cafe.  (By the way, if you are ever in Music City during the lunch hour this is great treat.  Arrive early--the place is always packed.)

Red Velvet Cake from The Picnic Cafe

One-half cup shortening

Two eggs

One and one-half cups sugar

One-fourth cup red food coloring

Three tablespoons cocoa

Two and one-fourth cups flour (sifted three times)

One cup buttermilk

One teaspoon vanilla

One teaspoon vinegar

One teaspoon soda

Make paste of cocoa and food coloring:  cream with shortening, sugar, and eggs.  Combine sifted flour and soda.  Alternately add flour and buttermilk to the creamed mixture.  Cream well and add vanilla.  If using an electric mixer, remover mixer blades and fold in lightly the vinegar.

Pour batter in equal portions into three 8 inch round pans, greased and floured.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Cream Cheese Icing

Two packages (three ounces each) cream cheese, softened

One half cup butter, softened

Four and one-half to four and one-fourth cups powered sugar

Beat together cream cheese and butter in a bowl until well mixed.  Gradually beat in powdered sugar to make frosting spreadable.

Delicious!  Wear your pants with the elastic waist band and enjoy a meal at The Picnic Cafe.  


  1. It is always good to find something that makes you happy when you have to see a Dr.

  2. This sounds like an amazing place! The next time we are in Nashville, I will suggest an outing to the Picnic Cafe!

  3. Sounds so so good! You deserve a treat for sure! Hang in there. I'm thinking of you.

  4. Don't you just love that place? Their chicken salad is divine and, yes, their
    treats are "loaded"..... Amazing how well you have done with your projects
    despite the impediment, Winker, but cream always rises to the top no matter what....Wishing you speedy healing.